Team —

Halim Lee

Issac Kim

Sophia H. Cho

My Role —

➺ Concept development

➺ Design research

➺ 3-D rendering 

➺ Motion graphics

Context —

BC Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization that reduces pollution damage and enhance the parks services for better preservation and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of British Columbia.


My team designed an interactive campaign to raise awareness of and garner support for the BC Parks Foundation.

We pitched the idea of an interactive phone booth that informs the public of the roles BC Parks Foundation is playing in protecting the nature. The interaction also includes a section that asks for the public’s financial support for the organization.


However, should users decline to donate, the screen automatically transitions to an infographic about respectful park etiquettes. That way, all users can gain knowledge on the ways they can support the foundation by interacting with the phone booth.